Cheese board



5 egg whites, 35 gr. puff rice, 30 gr. Castelmagno D.O.P., 80 gr. Asiago D.O.P.

50 gr. Montasio D.O.P., 50 gr. Spicy Gorgonzola D.O.P., 50 gr. Caciocavallo Siciliano D.O.P.

10 gr. butter, 20 gr. puff rice, a pinch of salt

To create the cheese board, we will start by reducing 35 gr. of puff rice to powder.

We will begin by using 20 gr. of this powder. Begin, by adding it to the egg whites and whisking it until you get a solid and stable mixture. I have called this method referring to the whisking and firming action of  the egg whites with puff rice flour “malaneve meringue”, and you will be able to view its particular features during  the episode specifically dedicated to it.

Meanwhile grate the Castellano D.O.P., and as soon as the egg whites are firmly peaked we mix it together with the remaining 15 gr. of powdered puff rice, being careful to gently mix with a spatula from the bottom to the top.

With the help of a ‘sac a poche’ with a fine starry point, form 12 small round meringues and 12 elongated meringues by placing them on a rigid silicone mat.

Bake in the oven for about 20/25 minutes at 160 degrees.

In the meantime, thickly grind the remaining 20 gr. of puff rice with a thickness similar to that of breadcrumbs, and toast it in a non-stick pan with melted butter and a pinch of salt.

Once a caramel colour has been obtained, remove it from the hob.

Retrieve the small meringues from the oven, 6 of the elongated ones will just be ready for the cheese board, these will be the meringues with the taste of Castelmagno D.O.P.

Cut six segments of Asiago D.O.P., run them on the hot-plate, on both sides the long way, one at a time. As soon as it is slightly melted on both sides, go over it on the toasted rice making it stick.

Now, we will clean the non-stick pan. Follwing this, we will pour the Montasio D.O.P. cheese, in very small pieces into it. Let it melt completely and immerse one of the six round meringues one by one, lining them completely outward, then passing their base through the roasted rice, thus obtaining six small white truffles.

Let’s clean the non-stick pan and melt the Gorgonzola Spicy D.O.P., with which we will only cover the bottom of the last six round meringues, even these bases will be passed through the toasted roasted rice. We can decorate the top of these mignon with a small melted gorgonzola tip.

The last six long meringues will be prepared with Caciocavallo Siciliano D.O.P., pour the cheese, cut into small shaves, in a hot non-stick pan, let it melt slightly on the surface just enough to make it stick to the meringue.